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“Matt Nowak provided me with new information about my legal malpractice case that he previously prepared before our first meeting. He was not afraid to take my case to the next level in order for me to receive justice. Matt fully explained each legal step to me to ensure that I was well informed. The kindness and respect did not stop with Matt; his entire staff was exceptionally nice to me and my family.”
Sylvia Rhodes-Bradley

“My case was a legal malpractice case. I had very little trust for lawyers. Upon my initial meeting, I immediately felt that Tom was genuinely concerned about me and my situation. As they spoke with me, I knew that they would aggressively work in my behalf. They were committed and kept me informed as promised. I was pleasantly surprised that they treated me like a ‘person’ and not just a case number. They accommodated my work hours and met with me in the evening so I wouldn’t have to miss any work. Tom was extremely polite and always displayed confidence. I would highly recommend Tom and his firm without hesitation.”
John Grafa

“Matt Nowak was a God-send to me and my family. He took our legal malpractice claim and in less than six months we were leaving his office with settlement checks in amounts greater than we could have ever imagined; however, his greatest gift to us was restoring our faith in the legal system. He kept us posted via e-mail, office visits, letters, phone and conference calls through every step of the process and was so kind and compassionate to us. He answered our questions and explained legal terms we were unfamiliar with. It was an unbelievably easy process for us following an unbelievably difficult process we had encountered in an earlier suit with another attorney. We will be forever grateful to him for helping us close a very difficult chapter of our lives.”
Carole Dudley

“I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we were to have Matt Nowak representing us on our legal malpractice case. From the beginning, Matt was on top of our case and kept us informed all along the way. Within six months our case was settled. Matt treated us with respect, compassion and sincerity. I would highly recommend Matt and his firm to anyone needing legal representation!”
Krisha Creal

“At a time when my family had a bad impression of lawyers, Nowak & Stauch completely changed our minds. They treated my family like human beings and really cared about our situation. The attorneys made sure we completely understood everything that was going on. They kept us well informed of what was happening and what the outcomes could be based on our decisions. They were willing to do whatever it took to not only get the job done, but get it done right. The lawyers at Nowak & Stauch did what they told us they would do and didn’t wait until the last minute. They are a very detail oriented firm, and that is one of the many reasons their lawyers are great. They are honest, caring and personable. I would recommend Nowak & Stauch to any of my family or friends.”
Robin Price

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