Commercial Debt Collections

Unpaid receivables can create substantial cash flow problems for businesses of all sizes. When a company’s initial debt collection efforts have not been successful, it is important to consider alternatives. In many instances, a collection lawyer may be able to succeed where other efforts have failed.

At Nowak & Stauch, PLLC, our Dallas collection attorneys represent commercial creditors across Texas. Much of our work involves representing businesses in the construction industry, including perfecting and filing lien and bond claims, and then filing suit to enforce those claims. In addition to construction claims, we represent clients in a broad array of industries, pursuing their commercial debtors from judgment to recovery.

Dallas/Fort Worth Area Commercial Collection Attorneys

The cornerstones of our firm’s collection practice involve vigorously exploring all available means to collect the debts and offering a candid assessment of our client’s likelihood of success. We have employed all potential collection remedies, including liens, writs of attachment and execution, as well as turnover orders. We can readily advise you on whether any of these methods may succeed in your case.

Our lawyers also understand that creditors are justifiably hesitant to spend additional money to try to collect on bad debt that may never be paid. We will thoroughly evaluate all relevant factors when counseling our clients on whether it is advisable to pursue legal remedies. These factors include the amount of money at issue, the debtor’s available assets, the debtor’s potential defenses (if any), and the available collection remedies. In every case, our clients will know up front whether it makes economic sense to pursue collection of a past due balance.

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