Client Testimonials

“Having the lawyers at Nowak & Stauch represent Ranger Fire and other owned entities for the past 10 years has been the equivalent of having our own general counsel looking out for our best interest and bottom line, but with the added benefit of litigators not afraid to try a case to a jury or arbitrators when necessary. Matt Nowak is an excellent lawyer in the court room who has the innate ability to simplify a complex case and argue our company’s position to a jury. Bottom line – Matt wins difficult cases – I would highly recommend Matt and the lawyers at Nowak & Stauch to any business facing potential litigation.”

D. Shipman, President and Owner – Ranger Fire, Inc.

“Over the past 25 yeas as a developer/builder, we have had several attorneys, both general counsel and litigators. With Nowak & Stauch, we have not only found litigators who listen to the complexities of issues, but a team of attorneys with different backgrounds that understand the ramifications of those complexities, and run scenarios up and down the ladder to determine the most effective strategy. We also appreciate how professional and responsive the staff is. It is not the size of the firm that matters, but the quality of the people that makes the difference.”

M. Vexler, President – Mockingbird Properties Corporation

“Nowak & Stauch lawyers have a practical, common sense approach to legal representation. They understand that I don’t make money by litigating, and provide me with strategies to avoid it. When litigation is necessary, they are effective and aggressive in protecting my bottom line.”

T. Murray, Group President, Texas Division – Toll Brothers, Inc.

“We expect our defense firms to be tenacious, hard working, well prepared and have an absolute desire to win. Nowak and Stauch is a firm that exceeds those expectations.”
M. Lawrence, Vice President, Risk Management – Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation

“Tom continues to represent our company with great success. His knowledge and aggressive approach to protecting our business interest has given us great confidence to continue doing business with integrity.”
Ron Davis, President – Ron Davis Custom Homes

“Tom has been extremely responsive to our every need and resolved all our issues in our favor. We could not be more pleased with his level of service, his wealth of knowledge, and his litigation skills.”
David H., Realtor

“Excellent powerful professional representation. This firm has helped with many legal questions and guided us with integrity. We would use no one but Nowak & Stauch for our Real Estate representation.”
S. Boulter-Davis, Realtor

“Tom has been a great networking partner who offers an invaluable service to his clients. He has always been available for referrals and recommendations for anything I have needed. A great asset to his firm and his industry.”
R. Spradlin, Corporate Sales – Liberty Mutual

“Tom handled a business matter for me with excellent results!
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”
T. Politz, Contractor

“My case was a legal malpractice case. I had very little trust for lawyers. Upon my initial meeting, I immediately felt that Tom was genuinely concerned about me and my situation. As they spoke with me, I knew that they would aggressively work in my behalf. They were committed and kept me informed as promised. I was pleasantly surprised that they treated me like a ‘person’ and not just a case number. They accommodated my work hours and met with me in the evening so I wouldn’t have to miss any work. Tom was extremely polite and always displayed confidence. I would highly recommend Tom and his firm without hesitation.”
John G., Legal Malpractice client

“Pilgrim’s Pride has utilized the expertise and professionalism of Matt Nowak and Tom Stauch for years prior to the founding of their very successful litigation boutique. Their firm continues to form an integral part of the Pilgrim’s Pride defense team. Certainly their success in the courtroom is central to our long term relationship but just as important is the personalized service to the Company and their unique relationship with the in-house legal team. Their winning strategy reflects a willingness to go the extra mile in preparation, dialogue on strategy with Company personnel and totally focus on the entire legal process. Their firm is effectively managed and staffed with exceptional quality and Pilgrim’s Pride is proud to recommend this firm as outstanding litigators.”
Joe A. Ylitalo, Corporate Counsel – Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation

Ryan, I just wanted to say, thank you! I really appreciate all your hard work to resolve my case. You understood from the first meeting that I was on a extremely tight budget and you found simple ways to keep remaining expenses from piling up. I appreciate the advice you gave me and your straight forward and honest answers you supplied to all my questions. I hate to admit it, but my opinion of all attorneys was not good. Thank you for not being the stereotype. You definitely changed my opinion of at least one law office.
Jason G., client

What Other Lawyers Are Saying

“I have worked with Tom Stauch and his Firm on multiple legal matters. He is an honest, knowledgeable and hard working advocate for his clients. I refer cases to him without hesitation.”
J. Michael Price, Criminal Defense Attorney – Dallas, TX

“I have worked with Tom on litigation matters and through appeal. Tom Stauch is a skilled advocate and excellent lawyer.”
J. B. Saunders, Commercial Litigation Attorney – Plano, TX


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