Trucking and Auto Liability

Commercial trucking accidents can lead to significant exposure for trucking companies and their insurers. It is crucial that any insurer retains skilled legal counsel as early as possible to minimize this exposure and seek an equitable outcome. At Nowak & Stauch, PLLC, we are frequently retained within hours of an accident and have effectively defended commercial carriers and insurers across Texas.

Our Dallas commercial trucking attorneys represent clients in the entire spectrum of trucking and transportation-related claims, from simple property damage claims to multiple fatality wrongful death lawsuits. Over our firm’s history, we have found that the responsiveness of the defense team can be a major factor in the ultimate success of a trucking defense claim. Our law firm can quickly mobilize, retain experts, and converge on an accident scene in order to review and document the evidence. Further, we have defended many of these civil claims before a judge and jury. This experience is invaluable in resolving your trucking claim, whether by negotiation, if possible, or trial if necessary.

Dallas/Fort Worth Area Truck Company Attorneys With Comprehensive Legal Knowledge

Our lawyers fully understand the laws surrounding the borrowed employee doctrine, bills of lading, the Interstate Commerce Act, and regulations enacted by the Surface Transportation Board of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Our experience and insight concerning these state and federal laws represent a substantial advantage for our clients. We can also advise our clients in connection with the drafting of contracts in order to minimize or shift the risk of exposure to liability in the commercial trucking industry.

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