Construction Claims Litigation

Any party to a construction dispute must enlist experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. Skilled attorneys can make a world of difference in the overall resolution of a complex construction dispute. At Nowak & Stauch, PLLC, we represent residential and commercial builders, contractors, and suppliers throughout North Texas in construction litigation. Because construction disputes make up a major portion of our firm’s practice, we have substantial experience representing clients in court, in binding arbitration, and pre-litigation claims negotiation.

Fort Worth Attorneys Defending Builder And Subcontractor Claims Across Texas

In our residential construction practice, we routinely defend homebuilders who face claims under the Residential Construction Liability Act (RCLA).These claims can involve everything from major structural failures to mechanical failures to cosmetic fit and finish claims. We have successfully defended residential homebuilders in state court as well as in binding arbitration. Our lawyers fully understand the various procedural differences in these forums and will develop a strategy that gives our clients the best chance of success.

We also represent commercial contractors and suppliers in a variety of claims, including breach of contract, breach of warranty, delay, and defective construction claims, as well as suits to enforce or remove mechanic’s and materialmen’s liens and enforce surety obligations. Our attorneys fully understand that litigation can create uncertainty and disruption, as well as expense, for construction companies. We strive to achieve our clients’ goals as efficiently as possible, returning our clients’ attention to what they do best — construction.

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