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With more than 30 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Nowak & Stauch have built a reputation of trust by dedication to their clients and intense preparation. If you have been wronged by your attorney, Nowak & Stauch will fight to restore your faith in the legal profession.

“A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns” -Mario Puzo

Most legal malpractice cases arise as a result of the lawyer failing to do enough, or care enough, for the client. The lawyers at Nowak & Stauch will provide a free consultation to determine whether the facts of your case will support a claim for legal malpractice, and then advise you on the best course of action. Clients of the firm appreciate our approach, including a thorough review of their file, a plain language explanation of the claims and defenses that may exist, and providing a reasonable set of expectations about the litigation process and its challenges.

A legal malpractice lawsuit carries with it a number of unique challenges. The most significant of these challenges is the requirement to prove “the case within the case.” Not only must there be sufficient evidence of the lawyer’s negligence, there must be proof that such negligence was the cause of the client’s harm. In other words, the legal malpractice case involves proving two cases — one to prove the negligence of the lawyer and another to prove the client would have been successful in prosecuting or defending the underlying action.

Due to the complex nature of the issues presented, the courts will require expert testimony in almost every case asserting a claim for legal malpractice. Individuals in these types of cases need a team of knowledgeable and skilled lawyers on their side. Our experienced team of professionals will take time to explain even the most complex legal issues in a manner that makes sense to you.

More than 30 Years Experience.

At Nowak & Stauch, we are selective with the cases we accept in order to provide our clients the personal service and individual attention they deserve. The attorneys at our firm bring unique tools from diverse backgrounds, including the trial expertise of a former assistant district attorney, the negotiation skills of a trained mediator and the battle-tested experience that results from years of civil litigation, trials and arbitrations.

We provide legal advice and representation to residents of Dallas and other communities throughout Texas who have been harmed by their lawyers. We have designed this website to be a useful source of information and a convenient portal to contact our office. Feel free to explore the other pages on this site to learn more about legal malpractice claims and schedule a consultation with an attorney at our firm for a more detailed discussion. Some of the topics you will find are:

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If you have questions regarding legal malpractice, we encourage you to contact Nowak & Stauch, PLLC by completing the contact form located on this website. We accept most cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning there is no charge to the client unless a recovery is obtained. Nowak & Stauch proudly serves the Spanish-speaking community as well.