Mechanic’s Liens

Nonpayment is perhaps one of the biggest construction claims brought in the industry. Whether from subcontractor to contractor or supplier to contractor, or even general contractor to project owner, a lien on the property in question offers a suitable remedy to the issue of nonpayment. However, there are strict requirements that come with filing, enforcing or removing a lien — requirements that most construction companies do not have time to memorize or manage appropriately.

As a firm that focuses a large majority of its practice on construction matters, Nowak & Stauch, PLLC, regularly handles mechanic’s liens on behalf of construction entities throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and North Texas. We represent contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers who need strong legal advocacy in this complex area of construction law.

Comprehensive Guidance For North Texas Construction Firms

A lien can disrupt the flow of payment between all parties involved in a construction project, but in some cases, such disruption is needed to ensure payment occurs. Our lawyers assist construction clients on both sides of the lien equation. We have experience managing all aspects of mechanic’s liens, including:

  • Preparing lien affidavits, serving notices and filing liens with the appropriate local authority, all within the proper time frame
  • Enforcing lien rights on residential or commercial properties
  • Satisfying or removing liens from real property
  • Resolving lien disputes through negotiation, binding arbitration or litigation

As with all of our representation, we offer efficient and responsive services that work to minimize disruption to our clients’ businesses. We take care of the legal details so that our clients can focus on what they truly care about — construction.

Qualified Help For Private And Public Construction Payment Issues

Our skilled construction law attorneys assist clients involved primarily in private construction projects, in which case the lien attaches to the residential or commercial property in question. However, we can also assist those with payment disputes against public construction projects. In such cases, clients may be eligible to file a claim against the public bond for payment, something our firm can help with.

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